Service Center

QM Resorts' service center offers complete integrative vacation services to all QM timeshare owners. The service center is the primary contact point for owner inquiries including home resort reservations, resort exchanges & problems, special service requests and coordinates special situations that may affect an owner's planned stay such as periods of planned major resort renovations and unplanned emergency major repairs.

Service Center 1-800-821-4912 Monday-Friday 8AM - 5PM

We have a documents and forms that you can download.

Direct Exchange Request Form (6kb PDF)
North Lake Lodges - Use Calendar (22kb PDF)
North Lake Lodges - Reservation Request Form (16kb PDF)
Tahoe Chaparral - Use Calendar (23kb PDF)
The Ridge Sierra - Reservation Request Form (32kb PDF)
The Ridge Sierra - Reservation and Usage Info (18kb PDF)
The Ridge Sierra - Use Calendar (21kb PDF)
Thunderbird Resort Club - Reservation Request Form (12kb PDF) Thunderbird Resort Club - Split-Week Reservations (10kb PDF)
Thunderbird Resort Club - Use Calendar (22kb PDF)
Club QM Deposit / Verification Form (35kb PDF)
2012 Hot August Nights Request Information(12kb PDF)

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